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At Uptown Events, we understand that planning a destination wedding from afar comes with its own unique set of challenges and complexities. Leveraging our deep expertise in both wedding planning and personalized luxury travel, we specialize in creating seamless, unforgettable experiences that feel effortless for you and your guests. Our well-versed team takes care of every intricate detail, from venue selection to transportation logistics, ensuring that your special day is not just beautiful but also impeccably organized. We pride ourselves on delivering a level of service that not only meets but exceeds expectations, making us the go-to choice for discerning couples looking to tie the knot in a dream destination.

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Are you excited to celebrate with all your favorite people in an exciting destination, but know you need the expertise of a professional to guide you through the planning process? From venue selection to vendor sourcing, you’re not sure where to start or who to turn to? Do you want your wedding to have thoughtfully selected design elements, but prefer to hand that over to the professionals so you can enjoy your special day with all your loved ones? Then we’re the right team for you!

Meet Our Team

of Destination Wedding Planners



As the founder of Uptown Events and J.Upton Travel, Jessica Upton provides strategic vision and innovative direction to ensure every celebratory occasion is perfectly executed.

Whether orchestrating elegant weddings or designing multi-destination itineraries, Jessica’s approach showcases her creative ideas and intuitive management of logistics.

Her well-honed stylistic eye and impeccable attention to detail is why Uptown Events is continuously a preferred partner for many of the greater Austin areas’ elite event venues.

Jessica lovingly and carefully plans together with her couples to ensure their wedding is a thoughtfully planned event that radiates a true reflection of the couple, and provides their guests with an exceptional & unforgettable experience.



Stephanie Alarcon, has a trained eye for design, putting her 5 years as an Interior Designer to great use. After college Stephanie interned for a local wedding planning company and worked for a high-end caterer, before becoming a Designer. She’s since come back to her roots to help couples create a beautiful and memorable wedding experience. Her clients love her positive and determined nature.



Annabelle Murray is an organizational guru and all around amazing team assistant. She’s who will respond to your email when you first reach out, and she very well may be onsite the day of your wedding! Annabelle has her hands in everything from drafting contracts and refining weekend timelines, to assisting with hotel room blocks and helping curate design boards. Our team is able to take the well known care of our clients, thanks to the support from this lovely lady.


  • Crisp white decor- my home is filled with a white couch, white subway tile, white cabinets, white bed, white towels, the list goes on!
  • Modern coastal design- I grew up on the Texas gulf coast, so it’s where I feel most at home. I love decorating with subtle touches of marine inspired pieces like oyster shells and driftwood
  • I can’t live without tacos!
  • Traveling, it refuels my soul
  • Working out is my biggest passion/hobby! I feel my best, both mentally and physically, after getting my daily dose of spin & lagree
  • I love fashion and interior design. Both are my inspiration and guilty pleasure!
  • Self care! In my case a mani pedi, nice bath, fun hair appointment, or good massage will go a long way
  • All outdoor activities — hiking, biking trails, kayaking, or floating the river. This is my favorite way to recharge!
  • Eating good food. I want it all & I never want to have food regrets
  • Good design – no matter what it is…weddings, architecture, interiors, furniture, down to the smallest things like tape, sponges, or pens. Lifestyle is important & I like everything around me to be visually appealing, simplified, organized, & slightly funky



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