Bright & Sophisticated Woodbine Mansion Wedding Inspiration

Styled Editorial Photo Shoot by Jamie Martin

This beautiful bright & sophisticated Woodbine Mansion wedding inspiration editorial shoot was designed by our own, Jamie Martin. She wanted to choose a space that has a lot of great natural lighting and a classic look, and Woodbine Mansion was the perfect venue for her vision! This wedding inspiration incorporates pops of bright, spring colors while creating a whimsical feel.

From Jamie: “I really love the design challenges that come with putting two opposing design elements together to make them create a unique aesthetic that flows together really well. For this one, those two “opposing” ideals were that I wanted a more formal design but still wanted it to be vibrant and full of color. It’s easy for couples to get the misconception that lots of colors equate to a more casual event, so I wanted to show that you can have a color palette full of personality that still has a formal, dreamy look to it.

From the awesome contrasting purple and yellow (two colors not often seen in wedding color palettes) to the luxe textures in the velvet linens & the intricate detail in the ball gown, all of these details layered together to build a sophisticated design without compromising on personality. The vibrant florals really tied everything together, and there’s no way you can look at that amazing fireplace and call it casual!”

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