Creative Ways to “Propose” to Your Bridesmaids

Now that you’ve got a ring on your finger, it’s time to ask your best ladies to stand by your side from now until the big day! Marriage proposals keep getting more and more creative, so why shouldn’t you get a bit creative with asking your besties to be your bridesmaids?! Being a bridesmaid is a big commitment, so it’s good to let your girls know just how much they mean to you. Get creative with these super fun bridesmaids proposals.

20 Unique Ways to Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

1. Custom Fortune Cookies

Order custom fortune cookies with “will you be my bridesmaid” fortunes, and package them in a cute box. Get creative by making the cookies fun colors or having them decorated with chocolate and sprinkles!

2. Balloon Message

Literally pop the question to your besties! Give them each a balloon with a note inside and have them pop the balloons all at once. Add some confetti inside the balloon for an extra fun twist!

3. Custom Photo Book

Personalize your proposal for each of your ladies, by putting together a simple but special photo book filled with memories from your friendship. Try this Instagram-friendly book by Artifact Uprising.

4. Custom Wine Bottle

Have special labels put on wine (or champagne!) bottles, asking your friends to be your bridesmaids. You can all celebrate with a glass after they say yes!

5. Spa Day

Set up a spa day for you and your future bridesmaids at a local spa, and complete the day with custom eye masks or robes with “bridesmaid” embroidered on them! It’ll be a fun day of pampering, topped off with an adorable keepsake.

6. Romance Novel

Perfect for book lovers and romantics alike, grab a set of beautiful romance novels (like this adorable Jane Austen book set) or a few copies of your personal favorite, and write a personal note for each of your girls inside. We think this idea is so sweet!

7. Custom Hanger

Give each of your girls a custom hanger with the wire spelling out “bridesmaid.” Slip a note over the hook, asking for them to be your bridesmaids! This cute keepsake can be used to hang their bridesmaids dresses for the big day!

8. Girls’ Night

Host a girls’ night, complete with classic movies, wine, popcorn, and face masks. To pop the question, give each of your ladies embroidered “bridesmaid” pajama sets or slippers!

9. Ring Pop Proposal

Stay true to the idea of a proposal, with a cute candy twist! Decorate cute little boxes with custom notes, and place a Ring Pop inside each one. Your bridesmaids will be head over heels for this one!

10. Custom Candle

Choose your favorite candle scent and put a custom label on each one, asking your girls to be your bridesmaids! Add in a cute box of bridesmaids matches to make it even more special. Everyone’s home will be filled with sweet scents as they get ready for your big day!

11. Crossword Puzzle

Perfect for the girls who can’t get enough of game nights! Design a personalized crossword puzzle with cute simple clues with the theme of your friendship or your wedding – with the final clue making it obvious you’re asking her to be your bridesmaid!

12. Jewelry

Pick out a sweet piece of jewelry, like a bracelet or a necklace, for each of your ladies. Put your proposal on the jewelry card, and your bridesmaids will be beaming from ear to ear!

13. Box of Goodies

Put together a fun box of goodies for each of your besties to show them how much you care! Include candies, nail polish, a face mask, and other little goodies she’ll love. Add in a note inside the box asking her to be your bridesmaid!

14. Custom Glasses

Give your bridesmaids custom “bridesmaid” tea cups, coffee mugs, or wine glasses. They’ll be sipping in style after they say “yes!”

15. Sweet Treats

Choose some boxes of your favorite sweet treat, like chocolates or macarons, to give to your favorite sweet ladies. Include a note inside the lid to pop the question before they dig in!

16. Jigsaw Puzzle

Order some custom jigsaw puzzles to pop the question for you. Your besties will have so much fun putting it together and seeing the end result! Whenever they want to be reminded of the wedding they can re-make the jigsaw!

17. Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Put together a super cute, super handy bridesmaid survival kit to prepare your ladies for the big day! Find a cute tin (like this one from Etsy) and add in the essentials: chapstick, bobby pins, Advil, Listerine breath strips… Get creative!

18. Cupcakes in a Jar

Throw on your apron, choose your favorite cake flavor, and whip up these super cute mason jar cupcakes! Decorate the jar and add a “will you be my bridesmaid?” label on the front or on the lid. Your bridesmaids will be tickled pink by this sweet, yummy ask!

19. Custom Card

Keep it simple but personal with a cute custom card for each of your girls. Write a sweet personal note about how much they mean to you, and add in a sweet printed photo of the two of you!

20. Bridesmaids Brunch

Last but certainly not least, host a cute brunch for you and your best ladies! Set a custom card asking each girl to be your bridesmaid on each place setting. Before you start eating, have everyone open up their envelope, and then you can all celebrate and toast your mimosas!

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