Creative Wedding Guest Gifts

There’s so many various aspects of a wedding that you want to make uniquely your own. One part of your wedding day that isn’t emphasized as much as the others is wedding gifts! From welcome baskets to wedding day amenities, there are so many ways to make your wedding weekend special for your guests. Read on for some of our favorite, most creative wedding guest gifts!

Creative Wedding Welcome Bags

Welcome bags or baskets are an essential part of the modern wedding. It’s such a special treat for guests to arrive to their hotel for the weekend with a bag full of goodies to greet them! From personalized canvas tote bags to creative boxes to simple baskets, there are so many ways to package this amenity. One must-include for these welcome bags is a sheet with all of the necessary information for your wedding weekend. (Think: things you’d include on your wedding website.) Include times and locations for the rehearsal dinner, photos, ceremony, and reception, along with any transportation details. Your guests will appreciate the handy guide and you’ll appreciate not receiving any last-minute calls or texts asking for this information!

Now, what can you include to make this your own?! A bottle or two of water is a must, but add in another drink that’s unique to you as a couple or the location of your wedding. Think: iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, craft brew beer, etc. Snacks are another must: We recommend including something sweet and something salty. Make them local treats, your personal favorite snacks, or something that goes along with the colors or theme of your wedding! We love the idea of keeping your welcome bags local. Include local fruits, goodies, and trinkets to really make your guests smile and feel more connected to you!

More Creative Wedding Guest Gifts

Include something spa-inspired to treat your guests, like an artisan soap or scented lotion. Add in something they can remember the wedding by, like a small candle, cute coaster, or make the bag itself a keepsake, such as a printed tote bag! One of our favorite must-haves in any welcome bag is a mini hangover kit, with Advil and mints to help your guests out after dancing the night away with you two!

Definitely personalize your welcome bags further with a list of local attractions or favorite things to do. Maybe include a list of your personal favorite date spots around the city for your guests to check out over the weekend! If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, include items such as sunscreen, DEET free bug spray, and plastic sunglasses. Your guests will be eternally grateful!

Creative Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Bathroom baskets are a commonly skipped-over wedding amenity that we simply love! Assemble a helpful basket of travel sized goodies in a simple basket to set inside the bathrooms at your reception. Some essentials include: mints, tissues, a stain remover pen, bandages, antacids, Advil, spray deodorant, lotion, and a lint roller. For the women’s bathrooms, add in a bottle of hairspray, some tampons and panty liners, and a handful of bobby pins and hair ties. Your guests will be relieved to find these baskets when they need to take a break from dancing to freshen up a bit!

More Creative Wedding Amenities

Hire a babysitter (or a team of sitters) and set up a kids room for your youngest guests to be taken care of during the reception! The kiddos will be happy to have their own space and the adults will be happy to know their kids are being taken care of. Include coloring books, crayons, snacks, games, movies, and even some cozy spots for naps once they get tuckered out!

Set up a champagne bar at your reception so guests can personalize their own bubbly before toasts begin! Include a spread of berries, fruit purees, liqueurs, flavored ice cubes, lavender sprigs, and citrus peel spirals. We guarantee your guests will have a blast!

Our favorite of all the wedding guest gifts? Comfort food late-night snacks for the end of your reception! Your guests will never be happier than when you bring out trays of fries, pizza bites, and milk and cookies. After hours of dancing, you’ll all be happy to veg out on some bite-sized snacks to spike your energy and spirits back up!

What are some of your favorite wedding guest gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

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