What to Do with Your Flowers After Your Wedding

Deciding what to do with your flowers after your wedding doesn’t seem like a major decision in your wedding planning process. However, it’s something you should spend some time thinking about before it’s too late. You spend so much time and money picking out and arranging your florals, so it breaks our hearts to think of throwing these beautiful blossoms away. Your flowers deserve to be shown off as long as they have life left in them–long after your wedding night comes to an end!

Repurpose Your Wedding Flowers

The best way to extend the life of your wedding florals? Donate your bouquets and floral arrangements to a local nonprofit to give your florals a second life and spread the joy! Deciding to donate your wedding flowers is a no-brainer. It’s a free donation, and it may even be tax-deductible for the cost of your flowers. Not only is donating your flowers free, but it could end up saving you money!

How to Donate Your Wedding Flowers

Flower donation services bridge the gap between your wedding and donation. They’ll pick the flowers up, rearrange them, then donate your flowers to a local organization to give them a second life! These services are increasing in popularity in most major cities, so it’s easy to find one near you. If you can’t find a service in your area, work with your wedding planner and florist to choose a local organization donate your flowers to. You can contact these organizations directly to arrange a drop-off location or a flower pick-up at your venue.

Austin Wedding Flower Donation Service

Want to donate your florals but not sure where to start?! Floranthropy is a flower donation service serving Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, and they love working with weddings in the area! Floranthropy eases the donation process by donating your flowers to local assisted living homes, hospitals, hospices, and non-profits. Some of these non-profits include the Ronald McDonald House, women’s centers, and local charities.

“Floranthropy is philanthropy through florals – spreading joy, kindness, and love with the simple act of giving flowers. At Floranthropy, we believe in the abundant power of kindness. The simple act of giving back, of providing light and happiness, is the cornerstone of everything we do. Floranthropy is proud to work alongside wedding planners, florists, and event organizers who happily provide us with florals, arrangements and other botanicals left over from various celebrations. A Christian-based charitable organization, Floranthropy recycles florals that would otherwise be disposed of and, in doing so, works to provide a more sustainable method of utilizing used florals. We believe in the notion of paying it forward through floranthropy.”

Make Your Wedding Charitable

Flower donations may seem trivial, but they make a large, positive impact on those who receive them. It’s so easy to brighten someone’s day and be part of something bigger! Set an example for those around you by sharing what you’re doing with friends and family. Don’t confine your wedding’s beauty simply to your wedding–donate your wedding flowers!

Love the idea of donating your wedding florals, but still not sure which blooms you’ll actually have at your wedding?! Check out our blog on what wedding flowers are in season each month.

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