3 Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Selecting a photographer to capture your big day is a huge decision. No two ways about it, wedding photographers have a huge responsibility when capturing the magical day you put so much hard work into- and that’s a big thing to trust someone with!

Thankfully, the Austin wedding industry is blessed with some incredibly expert and artistic photographers (a few of our favorites are linked below). However, no matter where you may be looking to plan, there are a few key considerations when choosing a photographer that will make sure you feel confident in your decision:

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Anastasia Strate Photography

1. Matching Style

First up- peruse Instagram, bridal magazines, or Pinterest to get a gage for what style of wedding photography appeals most to you and the look you’re going for. Do you love bright and airy images that show lots of personality? Are you drawn to timeless images that you know you’ll want to come back to for years? How important are black and white photos?

Photographers are typically great at describing the keywords that describe their style, so look for the descriptors that excite you when you visit their websites and social media pages.

Feather & Twine Photography

2. Compatibility

We cannot stress it enough that you need to like your photographer and enjoy being around them! You may love their photos, but if your personalities don’t mesh well and you aren’t in sync with one another, you will not enjoy them constantly snapping photos for 8+ hours on an incredibly important day in your life.

Side note: Have we mentioned as your wedding planner, we help you with this? We like to play matchmaker with our clients and pair them with the best wedding photographer for their style and budget.

What many couples don’t realize is that photographers are able to get a plethora of amazing memories captured because they are with you all. day. long. So make sure they’re someone you want by your side! You’ll see them more than anyone else on your wedding day!

Pro tip: Schedule introductory meetings with your top 2 or 3 choices! Ask them questions about their personality, how they handle stress, etc to make sure their demeanor will help or calm you rather than add stress.

Krystal Eve Photography

3. Don’t Overspend

Since photographers should be one of the first things you’ll book for your wedding, it can be easy to brush aside the affects of spending more than you budgeted for. If photos are a huge priority for you, then spending more here can be worth it, but just know that overspending early can have big implications on how the remainder of your budget gets allocated. You may not get that beautiful lounge set you wanted or nearly as much floral as you dreamed, so spend wisely.

The last thing you want is to book someone out of your price range then realize your mistake down the line. You just might end up judging your photos harshly because the stress of the cost doesn’t make the quality seem worth it.

Pro Tip: If you have a top choice that’s just over your budget, inquire about custom packages. Many photographers have base photo packages that they are happy to change up to fit to your needs. This might mean removing a bridal session or reducing their coverage hours at the wedding, but if you’re in love with their style then it’s worth asking!

Heather Thompson

Find the perfect Wedding Photographer

All in all, choose your wedding photographer with your heart but be careful not to let that big heart of yours outsmart your mind! Find someone with incredible talent, trust them to do their thing, and we know you’ll have incredible results.

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