Get To Know The Planner- Alana Harrison

I am SO excited to introduce myself as your future wedding planner! I absolutely love planning events and getting to know my couples. My recent professional experience includes planning and coordinating events for a local wedding venue in Austin, but my passion for planning fun and memorable events started long before. As a child, I was never afraid to take the reins— I grew up in a large family, and I loved stepping up to let my multitude of cousins know which game we were playing that day. My love for organization continues to this day, where I also enjoy booking AirBnb’s, wine tours, and making fun vacation itineraries for my friends here in Austin. I love all things organization and logistics!

I began working for a local Austin wedding venue as a banquet server in 2017. It was at this beautiful historic venue that I had my first introduction to event planning. I quickly fell in love with the romantic quality of weddings, the gorgeous floral arrangements and decor captivated me. Being able to help couples create their perfect day was something that made me feel complete. I was utterly enthralled with all things weddings! I spent my free time scrolling Pinterest and reading wedding blogs.

Hard work and busy days are something I never shied away from. I quickly worked my way to Banquet Captain and then Event Coordinator for the property. I knew that one day, I would be a full time Wedding Planner. When my opportunity came with Uptown Events, I felt like I had finally found my happy place. My goal is to always execute my couple’s wedding plans to perfection, and have a lot of fun in the process! 

So a little bit about me—when I am not busy planning beautiful weddings, I like to spend my time on the water! I have a kayak that I love to take on Town Lake. I also enjoy hiking and swimming on the Green Belt, floating the river in San Marcos, and driving our family boat on Canyon Lake. 

Three things I can not live without:

1. A good book with a hot cup of tea

2. The next great drama on Netflix (I am always looking for recommendations!)

3. My friends and family

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