Get To Know The Planner- Jamie Martin

Okay- am I dreaming or is this *actually* me writing a blog about myself and how I became a wedding planner? Someone pinch me!

As a middle child growing up with two brothers, I learned how to be large and in charge pretty quickly in life. This translated to me running things in some capacity or another in school sports and clubs, youth group activities, and wherever else I could nicely shmooze people into letting me run the show. My wonderful parents encouraged me to try all kinds of things while “embracing my weird” and, let me tell you- that’s a philosophy I can roll with. 

I’ve held a wide range of different job titles- from zipline tour guide to venue manager to camp counselor- but nothing brings me the same joy and fulfillment as event planning and design. Anything where I get to use my Google-taught branding/graphic design skills while making others feel empowered to actively participate in bringing their own dreams to life makes me want to high five the universe. It’s a huge honor to have such an important role in this giant milestone in a couple’s lives and it’s a responsibility I take very seriously (while having a ton of fun).

Outside of my dream career, my amazing new husband and I love to explore Austin’s insane food scene and go on adventures (where I constantly point out dogs in hopes I can talk him into getting one soon). Crafts are something I am always in for and they’re constantly covering our apartment. I’m a calligrapher on the side so I truly get my hands dirty in every piece of the wedding planning pie! In general, I love days where I’m either running around like crazy or I can stay cuddled up on the couch with a big coffee and British murder mystery on (plus some knitting, of course). 

The fact that my career is all my favorite things rolled into one? The biggest dream come true!

Things that make me happy:

  • Super thick, super soft wool yarn for knitting
  • Never-ending cups of coffee
  • Loud sing-a-longs in the car

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