Selecting a Wedding Photography Style: the 1st step to picking your photographer

If you are not an avid photography buff, you may not even realize that there are various different wedding photography styles. The first step to picking the perfect wedding photographer is to first decide what style of photography you prefer. This is a question that we ask our clients, so we thought a nifty blog post to guide you through the options would be helpful! So what are the different Wedding Photography Styles, you may ask?

Each photographer has their own flare that they bring to the table, so obviously if you have a specific photographer that you love we can start there and determine what style they are shooting in and then provide other photographer recommendations that are similar in style. But if you are starting from a clean slate without much of an opinion on the topic, let’s take a dive into the different wedding photography styles that most photographers fall into.

Light & Airy Wedding Photography Style

This style of photography is exactly how it sounds! It is bright, light and airy. These photographers use filters and natural light to create a romantic fairytale style photo. We love this look for outdoor weddings and for brides that want that dreamy feel.

Wedding Photography Style
Photo By: Gracie Byrd Jones
Photo By: Sarah Tribett Photography

True to Life Wedding Photography Style

With true to life photography, what you see is what you get. Obviously, your photographer is going to make sure that you look amazing and will get rid of those fly-aways or that bright orange traffic cone that you just couldn’t pluck from the sidewalk. The difference is that your photos will not be overly edited or heavily filtered. Your wedding dress is going to look exactly the way it did on the day of your wedding!

True to Life Photography Style
Photo By: Kayla Snell Photography
True to Life Photography Style
Photo By: Lacey Seymour Photography

Moody Wedding Photography Style

Dark, moody and romantic! This photography style gives a sensual feeling to your photos. We love a little drama, and these photos are going to give you exactly that. The stark contrast between the dimly lit room and your bright wedding dress will have you in ah! This style of photography is becoming more and more popular, and we are here for it! We particularly like this style for indoor venues with unique character and architecture.

Dark and Moody Photography Style
Photo By: Amber Vickery
Photo By: Bonnie Burke

Photo Journalistic Wedding Photography Style

Do you ever imagine a photo of you and your significant other on the cover of a magazine? Then this style is for you! This photography style is extremely candid and not overly posed. These types of photographers enjoy capturing realistic moments that unfold during the day.

Photo Journalistic Photography Style
Photo By: Franny Pullin
Photo Journalistic Photography Style
Photo By: Lisa Woods

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Blog By: Alana Harrison

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