The 411 on Austin Event Rental Companies

When it comes to dressing up your wedding, event rental companies are a big component. The ability to rent everything from elegant tents, lighting, and lounge sets, to table top decor like flatware, specialty linens, and fancy china, means you can give your wedding design some pinache without having to buy and keep all the extra pieces you won’t need after the event.

Luckily for us, the Austin area has a wealth of great rental companies to choose from. But that can also make it confusing on where to start. Not sure where to look to find what you need? We’ve got you covered! Check out the list below to see which companies have what you need.

One Stop Shop For Rentals

Premiere Events

linens | china & flatware | glassware | tents | chairs | specialty furniture | bars

austin event rental companies

Premiere is a huge company with a very wide range of linens, chairs, and place setting options for something basic all the way up to your specialty rental needs. Since they’re designed to be a one-stop shop, they’re a great place to start- especially if you need a large quantity of each item. (if you have a 150+ guest count, we’re talking to you!)

Pro tip: Premiere has annual linen and chair rental sales so make sure to keep an eye out for those in the winter and summer!

Monarch Event Rentals

linens | china & flatware | glassware | furniture | tents | bars

austin event rental companies

Monarch is a similar, large warehouse-style event rental company with a wide range of options that can cover all the basics. Their upgraded linens line has some amazing finishes, so make sure to check out their more specialty items as well!


luxury tents | linens | china & flatware | glassware | chairs | bars

Austin Event Rental Company Wedding

Whim is another large rental company that can cover the basics, but specializes in a higher end rentals. They are particularly known for their beautiful Sperry tents, although they have several tenting options. Their linen, chair & place setting selection is a little more limited, but they are a high quality vendor, so their items are in great condition.


linens | china & flatware | glassware | tents | chairs | specialty furniture | bars

Austin Event Rental Company Wedding

Boutique Specialty Rentals

Bee Lavish

vintage rentals | glassware | tabletop details | lounges | backdrops | table #’s

austin boutique event rental companies

We absolutely love Bee Lavish and all the amazing pieces they have in their catalogue. For lounge sets, they are one of our go to’s! They’re a great option if you’re looking to mix in a vintage vibe.

Table Manners

tabletop items | china & flatware | chargers

austin event rental companies

Table Manners is newer to the Austin event rental scene but has been hugely successful because of all the fantastic china and flatware options that you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re tired of seeing the same look at every wedding you’ve been to, then Table Manners is sure to change it up for you.

Pro Tip: Table Manners is small but mighty. Place your order early to ensure they have the quantities you’ll need. They are continually adding to their collections so make sure to check in on them occasionally!


vintage & mid-century modern rentals | tabletop | furniture | bars | chairs | backdrops

austin boutique event rental companies

As the largest boutique rental company in Texas, Loot has both some really cool finds and a large supply of them which allows them to service larger guest counts! If you’re looking for velvet- Loot is a great place to start.

Party at the Moontower

eclectic/modern rentals | chairs | bars | furniture | plants

eclectic event rental company

Party at the Moontower is another funky boutique rental company. If you want an eclectic vibe but you’re unsure how to pair up things up to be cohesive, they have a ton of sample packages to help bring together your vision.

Altared Weddings


Austin Lighting Company Wedding

Altared is our go-to lighting company. From spot lights and custom monogram gobos, to festoon string lights, Edison bulb installations, and chandeliers, they have all your lighting needs covered. And they also have other entertainment type items available like lawn games, photo booths, etc.

If you found this super helpful but are still overwhelmed with the idea of gathering rental quotes and how to pull your whole vision together, reach out to us about our design services! We provide a detailed list of what you need & where to get it from- all strategically designed in a way to minimize fees and maximize your budget (and who doesn’t love that?).

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