The Uptown Events Client

You’re an Uptown Events client if:

  • You want your wedding to be beautiful, unique, and stylish – different from all the others you’ve attended, and distinctively represent you as a couple.
  • The experience your guests have at your wedding is a high priority to you. Thoughtful details are super important!
  • You prefer someone to guide you through the wedding planning process. Sure, you could probably do it by yourself, but greatly prefer to have the guidance and support of a professional. 
  • No matter what, getting married to your best friend is the most important thing!

We love creating lasting friendships with our couples! We’ve found that the couples that enjoy working with us the most, and those that we have the best connection with, always rank these factors as most important. 

Uptown Events Client
Image by: Anastasia Strate Photography

With three planners on our team, we each like to pair ourselves up with couples that appreciate our unique personalities. Check out the ladies on our team to see who might be the right fit for you~

Alana Harrison | Jamie Martin | Jessica Upton

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