Wedding Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

Nowadays, true wedding etiquette can be very challenging to navigate. When it comes to your engagement and wedding, it’s hard to know what to say and how to handle potentially sticky situations.

It can be easy to forget some basic wedding etiquette rules — especially if you’re not quite sure what they are to begin with! Read on for some very easy wedding etiquette dos and don’ts to get you through your wedding planning without ruffling any feathers.

Wedding Etiquette Don’ts

  1. Don’t announce your engagement on social media before calling your closest friends and family. Calling your immediate family is first on your to-do list post-engagement. As far as friends go: If you would be hurt to find out about one of your friends’ engagement on Facebook rather than via a phone call or text, then assume they would feel the same way. Treat your friends how you’d like to be treated!
  2. Don’t invite anyone to your bridal shower who’s not invited to the wedding. Your bridal shower should include the people who are closest to you. If they’re not close enough to be at your wedding, then they shouldn’t be invited to your shower. Simple as that!
  3. Don’t list information about your registry on your wedding invitations. Your invitations should be focused on the basics of your special day–location, time, date, etc. Spread registry information either by word of mouth or on your wedding website. P.S. You can most definitely include the URL of your wedding website on your wedding invitations!
  4. Don’t make guests wait too long between ceremony and reception. You don’t want everyone to get hungry and tired while they’re waiting for the next part of the day to begin! Avoid the hanger altogether by working with your Uptown wedding coordinator to create a timeline for the day that will keeping things flowing smoothly.
  5. Don’t opt for a cash bar. While not every couple can afford a night-long open bar, there are a few options that can cut down prices without putting a damper on your guests’ evening. One popular option is to stick to just wine and beer and skip the liquor. You could also have a limited bar for a specific time and then switch to wine and beer. Our favorite option is to craft two signature cocktails, each representing you and your fiancé, for guests to enjoy throughout the evening. You can stick to less expensive liquor and mixers, while adding in your own signature twist!

Wedding Etiquette Dos

  1. Do group reception tables based on shared interests, jobs, or hobbies. Your guests will have much more to talk about and will love the chance to mingle! 
  2. Do be upfront with your wedding vendors about what you do and don’t want. Discuss “don’t play” and “must play” songs with your band or DJ. Share a list of must-have shots you want with your photographer. Make what you want known, so everyone can give you exactly that!
  3. Do give your wedding party a nice gift to convey your sincere gratitude for all of the time, money, and effort they put into being a part of your big day. It’s a good rule of thumb to aim for a gift between $75-$150.
  4. Do feed your vendors! Your photographer, DJ, planner, etc. will be going through this day right by your side. You surely don’t want a tired DJ or hangry photographer on your special day! Talk with your caterer and venue to determine meal prices and a private location for your vendors to eat.
  5. Do send thank you notes in a timely manner to guests who gave you gifts. For gifts given at pre-wedding festivities, send notes out within two to three weeks. For gifts given on your wedding day, be sure to have thank you’s in the mail within three months.
  6. Do try to greet guests personally! Work with your Uptown coordinator to set aside some time in your day-of timeline to circulate through the tables at the reception and say something sincere to your guests. They’ll appreciate the gesture and you’ll get to enjoy your perfectly-crafted guest list!

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