Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Getting engaged is such an exciting time of happiness and excitement! Then the reality of wedding planning begins to set in, and with it comes that dreaded rush of nerves and anxiety. There’s so much for you to consider when dreaming up and fine-tuning the details of your big day that it can all feel a bit overwhelming. You begin to worry about where you might go wrong. But we’re here to help you by sharing our top 10 wedding planning mistakes to watch out for. So take a deep breathe and read on!

Top 10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Hiring a Wedding Planner

Our number-one way to beat wedding planning stress and avoid making mistakes along the way? Hire a wedding planner of course! No matter your budget or needs, a wedding planner will work with you to make sure you’re on-track for creating the wedding of your dreams! Here at Uptown, we offer month-of coordination, partial planning, and full service planning. You can read this post we shared with Jessica Frey Photography to get a better idea of which level of help you may need. And of course visit our services page to learn more about Uptown’s services.

2. Not Setting a Realistic Budget

Your top priority before getting into the wedding planning details is to set a realistic budget! Do yourself a favor and read this- ‘How much does an Austin Wedding Cost?’ You don’t want to start booking venues or vendors before you know exactly what you’re working with. Of course, you also have to keep your guest list in mind. The bigger the guest list, the bigger the budget or the more sacrifices you’ll have to make in other areas. It’s all about give and take between your budget, the size of your wedding, and the style of your wedding. Once you have a game plan for balancing these, you’ll have a better idea of what to do next!

3. Not Having a Rain Plan

This is especially important for weddings with outdoor ceremonies or receptions. Weather–especially Texas weather–is always unpredictable! It pays to invest in a solid Plan B ahead of time, if only for your peace of mind. Have a plan set up with your venue to either move the wedding inside or pull out tents and umbrellas in case of a surprise storm. 

4. Hiring Friends for Vendors

This may be tempting for anyone looking to gain some wiggle room in their budget or give their wedding a more personal touch. However, with years of wedding planning experience, we at Uptown know that there is a reason professional vendors cost a bit more. These professionals have the management and coordination experience to get things done right and do it smoothly. Let your friends enjoy your wedding, and save the work for the experts!

5. Micromanaging

It may seem like it’s up to you to make sure every last detail of your wedding is seamlessly coordinated down to the second. Step back, take a deep breath, and rest easy in knowing that as long as you hire professionals, they’ve got your best interest at heart. Tell them your vision, make sure they know what to do, and then trust your team to carry it out!

6. Trying to Please Everyone

When you’re planning a wedding, it seems like everyone is trying to give you advice–sometimes without you even asking for it. Your mother or maid of honor or coworker surely have your best interest at heart, but it can start to get overwhelming after a while! If you try to coordinate your wedding around pleasing everyone, you’ll start to lose sight of what you truly want. This is your day–as long as you’re happy, everyone else will be too!

7. Forgetting to Take Care of Yourself

It’s so easy to get so focused on planning your wedding that your own health and peace of mind get put to the wayside for a while. You don’t want to end up sick or overtired by the time your wedding rolls around! Make sure you’re eating right, exercising regularly (but don’t overdo it!), getting plenty of sleep, and taking time to breathe. Be kind to yourself; you’re working hard!

8. Forgetting to Be Excited

Remember why you’re planning this wedding in the first place! Set aside at least one night per week to be completely wedding-free for you and your sweetie. Focus on the love, get excited all over again, and enjoy the break!

9. Saving Things for the Last Minute

It’s easy to procrastinate some of the smaller details until the stress of a fast-approaching wedding fully sets in. Trust that you’ll have enough to worry about in the last month before your wedding, and try to get some things done ahead of time! The sooner you can get things checked off your list, the less you’ll have to worry about towards the end.

10. Getting Too Caught Up in the Details

Things are going to go wrong on your wedding day, and not everything will be perfect. Life never goes as planned, and that’s okay! Try to breathe and laugh through any little mix-ups or troubles on your big day. Always focus on the big picture: You’re getting married today! Bonus: If you hire a wedding planner, they will be there on your wedding day to worry about making sure all these little details go so smoothly that you never even have to worry about them!

We’re so excited that you’re starting this exciting process of planning your wedding! Share this article with any soon-to-be-brides who may be feeling the stress set in, and comment with any wedding planning tips of your own.

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