The Ins and Outs of Wedding Transportation

All of the little details are falling into place and you’re getting so close to saying “I do”! But how is everyone going to get to your wedding and then back to their hotel? Do we need separate vehicles for the bridal party and the guests? This is where wedding transportation logistics come in!

When to Book Wedding Transportation:

You may be able to wait a little longer to book a getaway car if that is all that you are needing. We typically recommend starting this process around three months before the wedding. For larger items such as buses or sprinter vans, we recommend you give yourself at least five to six months before the wedding. Obviously, for our SXSW and ACL brides, we recommend giving yourself more time because a lot of these resources can get tied up if you wait until the last minute. Of course, your amazing Uptown Events planner will help you stay on track with your schedule! 

Pro tip: It is a good idea to add a box on your RSVP cards that asks if guests are planning to use the provided transportation- this can give you a better idea of how many busses you will need when you begin finalizing details with your vendors. 

Sizes of Group Vehicles


Large charter buses can seat up to 56 guests. Typically these rentals require a longer hourly minimum, around 8 hours. If you plan to use the buses for longer than that, there is typically an additional fee per hour. 

If you are coordinating with multiple room blocks you can have buses staged at different hotels. However, if you are working with a smaller group, then you can ask that everyone meet for the bus at one hotel.

If you can fit it into your schedule, it is sometimes a good idea to have an early bus take some guests home part of the way through the dancing portion of the evening. This is a great option for older guests and they typically appreciate being able to sneak away early.

Pro tip: If you are using charter buses, it is a great idea to have a timeline of the day posted somewhere at the venue that lets your guests know when important moments are happening, such as the bus returning for pick up.


These smaller vehicles can seat 12-15 people. This is a great option to utilize for bridal party logistics, and possibly immediate family as well! Typically, the bride and her attendants will need to arrive at the venue before the groom and groomsmen do. Due to this, you can use this same vehicle for both trips! Typically these come in a Transfer and Executive option. Executive sprinters are typically black and look a little nicer, but usually cost a little more as well. Sprinters usually come with a shorter hourly minimum, so you can cut these out after everyone arrives at the venue safely.

Weddin Transportation Getaway Options:

Classic Car

Classic cars are a super fun get away option, and they provide a great photo moment before the two of you disappear into newly married bliss.

Black Car

This could be a sedan or a SUV. Either of these options provide a sleek and clean look for your get away.


Oh-La-La. Feel like a celebrity for the night by utilizing a limo as your getaway car. This makes your formal exit feel like a red carpet event!


For our downtown wedding couples, a pedicab can be a super fun way to getaway. Sometimes the pedicab will come decorated or let you decorate the back for some great getaway photos!

For all of these options, your vehicle typically comes with a driver so there is often a mandatory tip required on top of the rental fee. 

Uber/Lyft codes:

For couples that want to keep it simple and not manage transportation logistics, Uber or Lyft codes are a great alternative. Both companies have an Events option that allows you to create your unique event code that your guests can use in the app. You share this code with your guests and then you are charged for the rides after they are used.

When it comes to wedding transportation, there are certainly a plethora of options- so we hope this helped explain some of the options available to you!

By: Alana Harrison

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