What’s a Wedding Website & Should You Have One?

Wedding websites are a relatively recent phenomenon. Some brides-to-be may have never heard of them before, while others may really not understand the purpose. We’re here to give you a quick run down of what a wedding website is, what it can include, if one is right for you, and some helpful tips!

What is a Wedding Website?

A wedding website gives guests one easy location to find all the relevant information for the big day. This is especially helpful for you to include any information that you couldn’t on the invitations. Say goodbye to hundreds of last-minute phone calls asking for the time, attire, or location of your wedding! You also can use a wedding website as an extra way of giving guests a feel of your big day and telling them a little bit more about you. An especially useful feature is allowing a convenient destination to post any updates about your wedding. Now, what exactly do you put on this thing?!

What a Wedding Website Includes

Handle RSVPs

You can handle RSVPs entirely through your wedding website if you wish. This is a great paperless option, and allows for the ease of collecting meal preferences and compiling a guest list digitally.

Registry Information

Perhaps the most important and popular use for a wedding website is providing an easy location to post your registry information for guests. Traditional wedding etiquette prevents you from including this information on your invitations, so this is a useful feature.

Important Wedding Information

The second most important and popular feature is allowing a central reference point for any questions or additional information guests may have. Guest lost their invitation? No problem! Just refer them to your wedding website. You can include: Directions, accommodations, things to do in the area, rehearsal dinner information, and any additional activities during your wedding weekend not included in your invitations!

Personalize It!

Make this website your own by personalizing it to match your wedding colors and style. Include a page with the story of how you two met! This can be especially helpful for guests who may only know the groom but not the bride, or vice versa. Put up your engagement photos on your site now, then use this as a great place to post your wedding photos and video(s) later!

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Should You Have a Wedding Website?

Up to You & Your Style

Many find that having a wedding website simplifies planning, gives a good resource for guest questions, and allows for updates not possible on just an invitation. But if you’re not really into the idea, you can definitely make traditional invitations work just fine! Emails can be used for any further updates or information for guests.

Many Free Platforms

If spending a pretty penny on yet another wedding expense is turning you off from the idea: Never fear! There are countless free platforms for you to choose from. Most of them have as many features and uses as you could imagine, so there’s no need to pay for a service! Some of these platforms include: The Knot, Zankyou, WeddingWire, Joy, and Say I Do.

It’s Secure

As long as you make sure the platform you choose provides password-protected access to your site, you’re golden! Only you and your guests will have access to this website. So long, wedding crashers!

Tips for Creating a Wedding Website

Stay Consistent with Your Theme

Stick with your color scheme and wedding theme to give guests an exciting first taste of your big day!

Don’t Include Every Event

If not everyone with access to wedding website will be invited to an event during your wedding weekend, don’t mention the event on the website. If you’d like to include a space where the certain guests can get information about exclusive events, make an additional password-protected page on your site that only these guests have access to.

Include Special Things to Do

In addition to including your favorite things to do in the area of your wedding for out-of-town guests, we think it’s so cute to include important you-related locations! If you two had your first meet, first kiss, or proposal in the city of your wedding, definitely include those locations. Of course, be sure to include any of your favorite date spots, too!

Include a Timeline of Your Weekend

If you have other events during your wedding weekend, this is a perfect place to include this information! Be sure to include locations, maps, directions, and attire information.

Make Your Wedding Website for Yourself

Beyond including pertinent information like registry, itinerary, directions, and accommodations… Your wedding website is mostly for you! If you want to just use your website for the basics, that’s totally fine! Nothing more is necessary. If you want to add all the bells and whistles to really make it your own, go for it! Do what makes you happy and best reflects your style.

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